Smart and Sustainable Development

Smart and Sustainable Development – Facing the Future with our Eyes Open

People ask why I am a candidate for the Langley Township council. Whether you’re a person or a township, one thing is certain: the future keeps heading toward us. There’s no stopping it. It’s always out there no matter what we do. Our only rational response is to make sure that we’re prepared for it. I’m running because I believe that it is important to face the future head on with a solid plan. Creating a smart and sustainable strategy for our township is necessary for preserving Langley’s qualities while it continues to grow in a healthy way.

Someone once told me, “You’re either getting better or getting worse. There’s no standing still.” Langley is growing and changing. The signs are good that it is going to keep growing. The lack of an effective plan won’t delay that at all. I know I want the Township of Langley to keep getting better. I believe we need to create an intelligent and balanced plan and then follow through on it to preserve this area’s distinctive characteristics.

Where are Our Plans Today?

Did you know development plans for some of Langley’s communities are old and dated? Others have no plans at all. It’s time to take a fresh look. In communities where there are no official plans, we need sit down and create some. In communities with dated plans, it’s time for a reboot. These are our road maps to the future, and we need to take them seriously.

But How Exactly do we Design a Smart Path to a Sustainable Future?

In June of 2008, the Langley Township council set much of the groundwork for us when they adopted The Sustainability Charter. I’ve committed myself to this balanced set of guidelines which sets up sensible social and cultural, economic and environmental goals. The principles of the Charter will help preserve that which we love about Langley as we adapt to the township’s certain growth. The Council adopted the Charter to make our township work today and into the future. I believe we manage today, prepare for tomorrow and leave a great township for those who follow us.

It is important that we remember we can’t develop the Township of Langley without considering the distinctive characteristics of its communities. These are the parts that make up our complete identity. Each diverse community adds to the mix that makes Langley the wonderful township it is. We can’t afford to lose the qualities each community brings to us. As a member of the Council and with your help, I’ll make sure that we don’t.

Research, Experts and You

How will we know what to consider in our planning? There are three sources of information that I will use to help us plan in a smart way.

  1. Significant input from you and your community: You know better than anyone what is happening in your neighborhood. You can best speak to what it needs. From your vantage point you can provide information, opinions and insight unlike anyone else.
  2. Research: The world is a complex place and getting more complex every day. Sometimes in the flurries of progress, it’s hard to see what is important and what is not. Good research can paint a clearer picture and provide insights that will help us develop better plans.
  3. Expert opinion: Like research, experts provide clarity. They let us know what has worked in the past or can give us their educated opinions about what might work in the future. A good expert can help a township avoid “reinventing the wheel”.

I will work to preserve that which makes the Township of Langley the place that we love so much.

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