Safe Neighborhoods and Communities

Safe Neighborhoods and Communities – Peace of Mind is a Valuable Commodity

I’m a candidate for the Township of Langley council because my wife, Lorraine, and I have raised a family here since 1996. The safety and well-being of my family is something that, as a husband and father, I think about a lot. Everybody thinks about the security of their neighborhoods.

I want to make sure that all families in Langley have the assurance that help will arrive in moments if there is an emergency. I want to ensure that all people in our community are as safe as possible. As a member of the council, I intend to place public safety high on my list of concerns.

When we think of safety, most of us think of the police, the firefighters, and the paramedics first. They are on the front line in taking care of us when we are in trouble. With a township of over 104,000 residents, we want to make sure that these services remain strong, professional and available to all who need them.

We want the RCMP police force to be fully equipped and trained to handle the needs of a growing community. We want a fire department that not only puts out fires but is also active in fire prevention. When someone is sick or injured, we know timing is everything. We want paramedics with an outstanding record for getting to scene rapidly when they are needed. We need a plan that continues to grow our safety services at a rate that keeps up with our projected population growth. As a member of the council, I want to make sure that any community development plan includes this concern.

Communities Play a Role in Safety

While our professional emergency services are important, we can also keep ourselves safe by creating standards and bylaws within our communities. As communities, we can provide better lighting and safer parking lots to help prevent crime. We can provide peace of mind to those who live in a neighborhood. Animal and pet control is also a community issue that can affect many. I welcome any ideas you might have about making your neighborhoods safer.

Safety Concerns Aren’t Just About Emergencies

The township’s services are also a safety concern for its residents. Water purity and management, sewer services, and snow removal are essential to the well-being of people in a community. As part of the council, I would commit to making sure that these are all handled well and that we treat public safety as the priority we all recognize it to be.


Consider our hospitals. Our township is growing and we need to know that our medical facilities will grow as well to meet the demand for care. What do we need to do as a council to make sure that our medical support systems can handle a growing Langley? What happens to these health and sanitation services when our population increases by 50,000 residents? What will we need to do to keep our family, neighbors and friends safe and healthy? I intend to raise these questions.

Our safety priorities should include:

  • Addressing any current complaints or concerns from the residents of Langley that involve safety issues.
  • Monitoring to make sure all of our safety services are up-to-date and of state-of-the- art quality. We need to know that they are all responsive and readily available when needed.
  • Developing a plan that will ensure that our services grow as our township grows

If you’re concerned about the Langley’s services either now or in the future, take a little time and explore this website. Don’t miss the videos and podcasts available here on the site. Be sure to sign up for more news about my views on safety and other issues as I campaign for a seat on the council. Most of all, vote for me on November 15th, 2014 to be a member on the Township of Langley council.

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