Outstanding Facilities for Sports and the Arts

new-digs02Outstanding Facilities for Sports and the Arts – A Pleasurable Investment

All work and no play makes for a dull township. All you have to do is look at the Township of Langley’s online calendar to see that we are by no means a dull place. We have a full schedule of sporting activities and cultural events, and the schedule grows more robust each year.

As I considered my candidacy for the council and what our township needed, I became convinced that we should continue to build outstanding facilities for our sports programs and begin developing a state-of-the-art theater and fine arts centre.

As we grow and more people find their way to Langley, we need to provide more settings for the many sporting interests in our township. It’s a priority that we can’t ignore. And an arts center would not only heighten our entertainment and cultural experiences in Langley, but also strengthen our economy as well. More than just an investment in our township, building these facilities would be an investment in our people.

The Benefits of Building World-class Facilities

There are almost countless benefits to investing our time, our energy and our finances to adding sporting facilities and a theater and fine arts centre to our community.

  • Community pride. Sports and culture always bring something special to an area and advance local pride. Facilities that house them often become centerpieces and points of pride for regions who invest in them. It’s one thing to have a great team. It’s another thing for that team to play in a world-class facility and host competitions that bring in people from around the country or even the world. Imagine, for example, Olympic gymnastics trials coming to Langley’s world-class facility.
  • Community enrichment. The more available the venues, the more likely the people of Langley will become involved in sporting events. A state-of-art theater and arts center would provide not only a place to present local dramatic, musical, and artistic talents, but it would also attract arts from other places. Our residents would have a greater chance of experiencing diverse artistic contributions from cultures other than their own. Broader cultural experiences can satisfy the hearts, minds, and souls of those who enjoy them.
  • Tourism and economic growth. Both sporting events and cultural events are proven tourist draws. When tourists come to a community, they also bring the tourist dollars. To attract tourists, a township first needs a place that will attract major competitions and quality cultural programming. And large facilities also need employees and provide jobs for people in the region. Expanding our sporting settings and building an arts centre will also expand Langley’s economy.

A Good Example in the Langley Event Centre

The Langley Event Centre is a great example of type of full-service facility of which our town needs more. Consider all the benefits the centre offers our community. It has a sports field house, a tennis centre, two gymnasiums, sand volleyball courts, a water park and a playground. Its Arena Bowl hosts professional and college hockey, concerts, figure skating, curling, lacrosse and volleyball. And that’s just for the organized sports.

There are also banquet halls and meeting rooms for rent and a walking track for the community to use. There are always job openings listed on the centre’s website. Langley is a large township with many community and college sports enthusiasts. Langley needs more such facilities to accommodate our growing communities and to boost our economy.

I propose the township needs to complete the new swimming and recreational complex in Aldergrove. In addition, we need to build another indoor multipurpose field house and track for the region. We should also start developing a plan for a theater and fine arts centre for our township.

For more information, about my candidacy, I invite you to listen to my podcasts and view my videos on this site. To get the latest news about my campaign, please opt in to receive information from us. And be sure to vote for me, Blair Whitmarsh, for the Township of Langley council on November 15th, 2014.

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