A Great Place for Families

_E7C1038A Great Place for Families – A Township to Call Home

I love families. I’ve got a great one, and I’m proud of it. My wife, Loraine, and my daughters, Karina, Jolayne and Tana are center of my life and the joy of my existence. One reason I’m a candidate for the Township of Langley council is that I want to preserve the wonderful life I’ve experienced here with my family. And maybe even preserve it for their children should they choose to live here. (And why wouldn’t they?)

Families take many forms these days. Yours might be a good old-fashioned traditional family. Or it might be a blended family. You might even consider your group of friends an extended family. Everybody needs a group of people with whom they can be close, whether they are blood relatives or not. Everybody needs the feeling of comfort and belonging that a family provides. In Langley, there is plenty of support for families of all kinds.

Langley is a Celebration of Family

The good people of Langley organize so many events that I am concerned that I will miss one if I try to list them all here, so I won’t. But our township calendar is always full. We have so many special celebrations that recognize people, organizations and historic events. As I write, we’ve just celebrated Arbour Day and right on its heels this week is the beginning of Youth Week. Canada Day is always a spectacular day in Langley. There’s always something going on.

However, not every day contains a special event. There is so much for the average family to do on any ordinary day. Our parks and trails invite families to spend time together in the outdoors. Our recreational centres and civic groups are always active. As a council member, I will make sure we continue to celebrate the family and bring them together as often as we can.

And Then There’s the Economy

It’s hard to think about the family without considering the economy. When the economy is poor, families suffer for a lot of reasons – difficulty finding affordable housing, stress and worry about every expenses, and the temptation to accumulate personal debt just to name a few.

However, there are some other more subtle forces that work against a family when the business isn’t good in a region. When there are healthy businesses in Langley, there are more jobs available. When there are jobs in Langley, parents don’t have to commute into other areas to make a living. When people don’t have to commute long and time-consuming distances, they get to spend more time with their children and families. In that way, healthy local businesses contribute to bringing families closer.

I like the idea of children growing up in this town and deciding to settle here with their own families someday. I have no problem with those who have dreams that take them to other places. However, I like the idea of Langley being such a great place that we make it a hard choice for them to leave us. I want some part of them to be a little homesick for our great communities when they’re not here. This is all the more likely to happen if they are great jobs for them here.

A Place for Higher Learning

Our local colleges and universities offer a lot to our children, our families and our economy. We need to consider how they fit into our communities and how we can work with them in a mutually beneficial way. I admit I have a bias when it comes to Trinity Western University. Not only has it provided me fulfilling a great job that I love, but I was also a student there as are all three of my daughters. It’s a great place to go to school. Kwantlen Polytechnic University and Redeemer Pacific College also offer outstanding educational experiences.

Nobody has to leave Langley to get a good education unless they want to. We need to support our local institutions of higher learning as they support the growth of the people in our community and our families.

Together we can support the family life by:

  • Preserving Langley as a township with cultural and social events that enrich families.
  • Maintaining and building an economy that helps families make a good living and live a good life.
  • Working with our local colleges and universities to the betterment of both our township and the educational institutions.

As a candidate to the Township of Langley council, I commit to maintaining family-friendly communities. Families are the core of a strong community.

For more information about other positions that I hold, please see the posted videos and podcasts on this site. For current news about this campaign, please sign up for our email updates. And, of course, I would appreciate your vote on November 15th, 2014.

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