Fiscal Responsibility

_E7C6560 (1)Fiscal Responsibility – The Council’s Primary Job

The Township of Langley council’s primary tasks is to take care of the finances of the town. It is the duty of the council to decide how to balance the money that comes in with the money that goes out. The council is duty-bound to keep the township solvent and balance the budget responsibly.

I hope to share in the leadership needed to manage Langley finances as part of its council. As far as I’m concerned, you can’t separate good township management from responsibly handling its money. I hope to approach the township’s finances with an open mind, a listening ear, and having done a lot of research.


When people hear revenue they think of taxes right off the bat. And they are partly right. Local taxes that the residents pay to the township are an important part of how the township pays its bills. And reasonable people want to hear that their taxes are not going to be raised. The bad news is that taxes will rise. If they didn’t, they would be the only expense not to.

Everything goes up in price including taxes. That’s the unfortunate direction in which inflation pulls us. Inflation affects the cost of running a township just like it affects your food budget. Your taxes do not escape the pull of inflation. But despite this, my commitment to you is to work to keep any local tax increases reasonable. Such increases should only reflect the cost of living increases and never more.

Did you know taxes alone do not keep our township afloat? There are many other sources of revenue that play into managing Langley’s finances. Some of those include investments and government grants. Good municipal leadership keeps an eye out for opportunities that add to a township’s revenues. Sometimes this involves suitable land use and development that can create additional income.

If handled correctly, such development can bring in money which can significantly help the township meet its budget. I see many ways for us to increase the revenue of Langley including increasing tourism to our area.


Like you with your family, the council has a duty to make sure the town lives within its budget. Currently, the Township of Langley carries a debt of more than $40 million. The council needs to set up a solid repayment plan for this debt quickly to keep its good credit standing. All expenses should be balanced by actual or projected income.

Balancing the budget is essential for keeping the township solvent and thriving. Part of that is watching our finances to avoid waste and to save money where possible. That’s just good business. As a Councillor, I intend to protect the township’s finances and work to end wasteful spending. I believe in creating a sustainable future for the Langley Township and good financial stewardship is essential to that sustainability.

You Can Help

There are a lot of services and ways to spend money within a township. I’d like to hear your opinion on how the Council is doing and your suggestions for handling our finances better. Let me know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+…

  • if there are any expenditures that you consider a waste in your community.
  • if there are any opportunities you know of to increase revenues that the township is not taking advantage of.
  • how you feel about the quality of services for the amount of local taxes you pay.
  • what you would like to see changed, if anything, in the township’s budget.

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Most of all, be sure to vote for me, Blair Whitmarsh, for the Township of Langley council, on November 15th, 2014.