About Blair

200x200aBlair Whitmarsh has had an interest in leadership throughout his life. He has helped people find their strengths and discover how to best put those strengths to work.

As a coach, a professor, a university administrator, community volunteer and home group leader in his church, Blair has promoted the growth of both individuals and organizations since his arrival in Langley Township. As a member of the Council, he intends to continue using his skill of bringing out the best in and for the people of Langley Township.

A Student at Trinity

About 30 years ago as a first year student at Trinity Western University, Blair got to know The Township of Langley beyond the campus as he trained to be a triathlete. He cycled and ran on the roads and paths around the town and discovered the area had a “small-town feel” with which he fell in love. He knew he had found his home.

During those early years, he strengthened his bond with the community by working and volunteering as a lifeguard at the W.C. Blair Recreation Centre which had just opened. Blair embraced Langley as the place to raise a family, to work, and to enjoy life and has remained in Langley except for the brief period it took him to earn his PhD.

Family Life

Blair and his wife, Lorraine, returned from his graduate work in Edmonton in 1996 to raise their three daughters, Karina, Jolayne, and Tana. His daughters played community soccer for many years and the family is active in Christian Life Assembly Church. The youngest daughter, Tana, has just entered Trinity Western University – a school all three girls now attend.

Langley has provided the backdrop for a fulfilling life for members of the Whitmarsh family who live in the Brookswood area. The quality of life that his family has experienced has convinced Blair that the Township is the best place to raise a family.


Learning has been foundational for Blair. He has been an eager student who received his bachelors in physical education from Trinity Western University. He followed this by earning a PhD in sports psychology from the University of Alberta shortly after. To round out his already impressive portfolio of diplomas, Blair is working on an MBA which he will receive in August 2014.


Blair returned to Langley in 1996 as a professor at Trinity Western University. In 2005, the university appointed him to the job of Dean of the School of Human Kinetics and Athletics at Trinity and he remains in that position today. In the joint venture between Trinity and the Township of Langley, he played a role in developing and designing the Langley Events Centre. As a professional member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association, Blair has been a valued consultant to both athletes and coaches for over 20 years.

Volunteer Experience

Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” In that spirit, Blair believes for a community to remain strong, it needs its citizens to be part of the effort. Blair has led by example when it comes to contributing to the community. He has shared his expertise in sports with the community by coaching minor soccer in Langley. He has served on the board of a private school in White Rock and on the board of the Canadian Sports Institute.

An active member of the Christian Life Assembly Church, Blair leads one of the church’s home groups. “It has always been my wish to help make the community better for others,” he says when asked about his reason for volunteering.

The Decision to Run for Council

Blair’s decision to run for the Council comes from his pride in his community. For him, it’s simple. His love for Langley and its community-minded people has motivated him to seek political office. His wish is to work with the enthusiastic people of Langley to protect all the qualities they love about the Township. But that alone is not enough.

Langley is growing and all signs project that it will continue to grow. There needs to be a thoughtful strategy that will guide Langley to a strong future in the face of this growth. Blair seeks to bring out the best in Langley. He wants to help develop a plan so Langley will continue to be a place that its people can be proud of.

Blair brings to the table:

  • Education: Training focused on analyzing, problem-solving, organizing, and developing good economic and business plans.
  • Work Experience: A proven track record of leadership, organizational skills, communication, and commitment to getting the job done.
  • Life Experience: A background of family involvement in the community. He knows Langley and he knows its people.

Voting for Blair Whitmarsh is voting for a vision that honors the values of yesterday as it seeks to navigate The Township of Langley skillfully through the challenges of tomorrow.


Working Together for Langley
– Blair Cares


Education and Degrees:

  • Bachelors in Physical Education, Trinity Western University
  • Masters in Sports Psychology, University of Alberta
  • Ph.D in Sports Psychology, University of Alberta
  • MBA, to be Completed in August 2014


  • Budget management
  • Human Resources
  • Problem Solving
  • setting and Accomplishing Goals
  • Teamwork,
  • Leadership
  • Performing under Pressure
  • Stress management
  • Communication


Professor and Dean at Trinity Western University